Gillian Aldridge Elected By The People For Her Knowledge, Experience, Commitment And Love For The Community.

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Positions Held Summary

2008 – Current: Mayor, City of Salisbury
2001 – 2008: Deputy Mayor, City of Salisbury
1988 – 2008: Elected Member, Para Ward

Current Committee & Board Membership (External)

Local Government Association (Voting Delegate)
Local Government Association Board (Deputy Member)
Current Council Committee Membership:


Committees/Sub Committees

CEO Review Committee (Chairman)
Program Review Sub Committee
Strategic and International Partnerships Sub Committee (ex-officio)
Strategic Property Development Sub Committee (ex officio)
Youth Council Sub Committee (ex-officio)


Standing Committees

Budget and Finance Committee
Resources and Governance Committee (ex-officio)
Policy and Planning Committee
Sport, Recreation and Grants Committee (ex-officio)
Works and Services Committee (ex-officio)


“I Love This City”

I love everything about Salisbury. Its strong and diverse community. The underlying civic pride. I admire the enterprise of our community and business leaders. I’m proud of the achievements of our Council, especially our world class wetlands.

“I Know Our City”

I have lived here most of my life. I have watched its transformation to become a modern and vibrant city. I have been proud to represent my community for two decades. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been both Deputy Mayor and Mayor.

“I Believe In Our City”

I believe that together we can make Salisbury even better. We will build on our strengths and use our resilience to create a more prosperous, energetic and outstanding City.



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Contact Details:

Telephone: 0411 703 706
Email: galdridge@salisbury.sa.gov.au

Postal Address: 

PO Box 8 Salisbury SA 5108