By Naomi Stanbury

I chose the mayor Gillian Aldridge as the woman I admire. I conducted an interview with her and she was happy to oblige and take part. Very easy to talk to, just like having a conversation.

I admire Gillian because of her resilience and her commitment to the city of Salisbury.

She too came from a domestic violence background and does all she can to support women. She is not the mayor for the power and prestige but for what she can do for all residents in this community.

Gillian is approachable, does what she can for this community and believes in this city. She also has pride in what she does. Gillian cares about everyone, she is passionate about multiculturalism, equality and reconciliation. Gillian has lived here for most of her life and is committed to helping the city grow and prosper. I see that she is proud and grateful to be the mayor and not boastful about her achievements.

She acts like one of the community, not thinking she is more important then anyone else and is a great friend, offering help, congratulations, good wishes and support when needed and inspires me to create the life I want for myself instead of waiting for it to happen.



Your Career Starts With Volunteering

I love this City. I love everything about Salisbury. Its strong and diverse community. The underlying civic pride. I admire the enterprise of our community and business leaders. I'm proud of the achievements of our Council, especially our world class wetlands. Our...

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Friends of the Pledger Wetlands

Friends of the Pledger Wetlands help to maintain the wetlands and keep the area beautiful, serene and peaceful. And Gillian is right there alongside them, come rain or shine.

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State emergency Services Salisbury

The South Australian Emergency Service is a volunteer based organization that responds to a wide range of emergencies and rescues across the state 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Volunteering Annual Pancake Day

One of these charities is United Care and she recently volunteered with their annual pancake day… United care is a community service agency of the Uniting Church in Australia and forms part of the national Uniting Care Network. They provide a wide range of services...

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Gillian’s dedication to local business

Even more important than her volunteer work is Gillian’s dedication to local business. Which was why she was there for the opening of Salisbury’s most well-known success stories, The LONGKO Salon, owned by Marcela Lastra.

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Finding Investors For Salisbury

Hosted by local Singaporean business couple Peter and Jenny. The couple are heavily invested in the Salisbury area, and have seen incredible returns from investing in local property. Part of Gillian’s role as mayor is to seek out new opportunities for improving the...

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United Care Annual Pancake Day

United care is a community service agency of the Uniting Church in Australia and forms part of the national Uniting Care Network. Gillian volunteers for this charity because she wants to encourage young people to do the same.

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Prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award

Gillian believes in rewarding young people for their efforts in the local community. And she supports The Duke of Edinburgh award because it helps to build young people’s confidence and gives them a chance for real success.

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